Saturday, August 31, 2013

Things Be Movin' ,Creativity Be Flowin' , yet my ocean seems still....

Im across the talent bridge into the pit of fire....
Me workin' behind the scenes of a new Reality show coming soon with the lovely Jewelz

Greetings and Salutations everyone! It has yet been a very longtime since I blogged here. Where
I've been , where Im going , it truly is a journey to say the least . Well , first off a couple of months back was enough to jade a sweet lady like me, who is all giving and trying to get myself , and the models I work with out there . I knew going in that the chances of me getting burned by one of my models , was a strong possibility, and so that nightmare came and went . I got over it and got back on the horse and said who the fuck cares , Im alright and Karma will get those who do you wrong , if even that gal did me wrong. Its funny how some models think they can photograph better than you , and I say " Go right ahead, more power to yaz!" Since that reality came along , the model I had worked with got popular with the pin up world , apparently that didn't come from me? Of course not teehee! It all apparently came from her. Now all this has kept me humble and completely 100% real! I said to myself,"ok so you had nothing , absolutely nothing to do with that!"Funny cuz on facebook , so many people hit the like button on all your fotos you did of her in pin up THE MOST! But! NO! you had nothing to do with that, don't be silly nah! Since, I had stopped doing Pin Up , not because I didn't have any models, just wanted to do something new . So I started working with other models . Honestly, models with a more unique look , not any models I was just settling for, because I was desperate and didn't have a choice. Im very thankful for the work I did with this model , we did help eachother alot regardless of her aknowledgement of such , and I wasn't about exploitation of disrespecting women like the man she is working with that she replaced me with. I want to celebrate women. ALL WOMEN race creed , girls who have art on them that has a  beautiful meaning. I am very proud to say that all of the models I have worked with always tell me that they are happy to work with me , because Im a woman not goking at them like some horny man. I am a professional , who has experience in modeling because once upon a time , I was a model too . If anything that model made me harder and stronger . She asks me for the photos I did of her that you have seen . I say to that ," Really honey ? After the way you dogged me you seriously expect me to hand them over to you?" Well I will think about that one k? Im nice , but not that nice , we can pretend Im stupid sure . I remain civil and ignore the request as she ignored the fact she took all my connections and used them for her own photography work to give to the pin up magazines . It would have been nice if there was a thank you , but I already knew that thank yous dont exist in Los Angeles . Through all of this , this wasn't the only doggie style move that happen to me with a model . Their were other models that didn't come through book a photoshoot with me and last minute tell me , always the night before , that they couldn't do it , one even lied to me and said she got beat up by her boyfriend and couldn't do it cuz she was bruised the whole bit , then I saw her on facebook the next day talking about how great she was and pics of her with not one bruise and very happy . I've also had a designer totally excited to work with me , all of a sudden while we were collaborating stop talking to me and till this day I still dont know why . This my friends is Los Angeles . They don't call it La La Land for nothing people! I tell you this not to piss you off , make you jaded to try , but to get you to understand , its just the way it is . Basically some artists whether it be models,artists,designers , are really screwed up in the head , and they don't think they have done anything wrong to you whatsoever. So that you don't drive yourself crazy , you just let it go and move on to the next person willing to give you  a chance . You won't always be liked in this world, but people know when you still keep goin , and it scares them that you didn't let THEM affect you.

Where I have moved toward since being Dogged...

     Since being dogged as I call it , I kept going . On the day of one of my models cancelling on me the day before , my daughter tells me to go do a photoshoot with her , with her hairstylist . I was feeling a bit jaded that day , but told myself ," Why the hell not ! " I head out with my camera in hand , with my daughter , to Malibu Creek to meet up with her hair stylist , her name Lexie . We hike into the canyon and get to a pretty waterhole. I change my attitude around and enjoy what I so love to do . It was like the meditation I needed . All of a sudden all the jadedness melted away. Heres the photos that came from that day...

     This gal had no experience in modeling whatsoever . My daughter and I helped her and directed her to pose and I must say she did a great job , plus I learned something new that day . That you don't have to be with a professional model but that you can make a model if she is able and willing . Lexie did an awesome job , really nice gal , hope to work with her again soon!

Doors start to open after this shoot...

     The very first foto I posted up above , is what is happening now . One of my models named Jewels , who since my jaded spell now broken and I owe alot of it to her as well , she loved my work and really wanted to work with me and I with her , she has beautiful tats and shes a beautiful asian-american born and raised Los Angelina like myself so theres a bit of humble pie for this gal . I had taken fotos of her a month or two and she wanted to pay it forward by having me be her manager , she convinced me , it took alot of convincing , but I was doing it before I knew it . She invites me to go with her to this reality show , she got on and wanted me to go with her for support and to take behind the scene fotos . I said , Ok . We had also had a photoshoot scheduled and we were collaborating with a designer here in Los Angeles named Gypse Couture .
Jewelz behind the scenes of a reality show called Ratchet Queens.

Ratchet Queens , Annise , Atearin , and Jewelz.


This is where life gets interesting....

     After these shots were taken , Jewels tells me to go and show them to the co-producer of the show . I kind of get a lil hesitant cuz you know , don't want to get all hopeful , what if she thinks Im weird or what if I get in  trouble for taking them . So when Jewelz gets called in for her Q&A for the show , I go over to the co-producer and tell her look what I took. She sees them and says ," You did this back here in the lighting you had while we were workin in there?" I say, " Yes , I did " We exchange numbers and now , I will be doing fotos for the gals on the show and her too! Im still a lil shocked about it , and don't know really if its gonna happen ,but she has kept in contact with me and she really likes my work. Keep you posted in what happens there.

In the meantime I team up with Jewelz , make up artists Eva Maria and clothing design Gypse Couture and Vazquez Rocks . This is what we come up with .

photoshoot with an amazing team in Vazquez Rocks , Agua Dulce Ca.

I love this shot , one of my favs!

In conclusion to my moral of the story...

     You basically just have to snap out of it , except what is , how it went , move on and doors do open people! You will be hurt by those who have hurt you , but just like all pains in life , you heal , get over it and move on . Once your soul understands and excepts that , you are then rewarded . I was rewarded by the designer saying yes to work with me , the model honored to do it and the make up artists wanting to be a part of it . Without all this , it wouldn't have been possible . Thank you Universe,God, Oh halla! for letting me grow to realize , that to let it go and let art happen. Don't give up fellow comrads of the arts , don't let the people who say they want to work with you or stab you in the back take you down to where you just don't want to do it anymore . Get back up on that horse , cuz its not over till you say its over k?

                                   Thanks as always for listening , until next time

                                               MaryAnn from Zero aka  MaryAnn K. :)

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Twisted Agency Full Promo

Check out this promo video for an alternative model agency that I am proud to announce Im the Westcoast representative for . Its a wonder agency to join if you are thinking about becoming a model . No contracts , no strings attached and its FREE!!! Very proud to be part of this agency! 

More photos of my work to come stay tuned! :)

                                                         Luv, MaryAnn K.


Friday, May 17, 2013

I don't know what Im doing? Im just going along with it & just seein' what happens...

Just going with the motions of doing it & seeing what happens...

     Greetings & Salutations ! So many things keep going & I just go along with it & say to myself," Lets just see what happens ? " With this attitude I have been published in 7 magazines in the last 3 months & I have 3 other gals who would like to work with me,which Im really excited about . Alli-Cat has been amazing , shes fun to work with & earthy and really is a teamworker,Im so thankful to be working with her . Since Alli-Cat & I have been working together , we have got published in 7 magazines.These magazines have become fans of Alli & I's  work . Its a treat to go to my email and see them say they love my work & they can't wait to see more. On this magazine , I was emailed that they liked the photos I had sent so much , they wanted to also put them in their sister magazine Ink Pushers Magazine .

We got another full page layout!
Im excited because I don't know where Im going next , like I have said many times
in this blog , Im just going with the flow,getting my work out there & just doing it most of all . No one will know what you know how to do if they don't see it .I enjoy my work alot & Im always excited for my next endeavor,which I never know what that is until I come up with something or someone collaborates with me . It always is a joy & excitement when I take on a project. I will say this , I have tried twice to take my work to the next level for myself , but have failed because I dont trust in myself , I believe that when I try to work with outside sources , it seems to back fire on me , this is happened twice . I will try to get back up on that horse again ,with just me directing this in hopes that I will get my idea across , for I think its so simple yet when I get other people involved , when their not ready for it , it always doesn't work .Even though many have warned me not to work with this individual , I have a soft heart to this person and it really is a learning process for me at the same time , but I think I've learned. When a person trys to make threats to your work , what they don't understand , its not only you they are hurting , its a whole team of people who are taking their time out to work with you , and that person just doesnt care . All they care about is that you fail. I hope you will all learn from my mistakes , don't work with anyone who will hold your own project as a carrot to you. Its not right and most of all its not fair to you or your cast and crew. I hope next time I come back here to tell you that my last shoot went great! Wish me luck , and thanks as always for listening it means alot!

love always,
MaryAnn K.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Dreams are always coming true , day by day you don't realize it , but its all happening...

Its all happening right in front of me

     Greetings & salutations ! Since I left you last , I have got into 3more magazines , found out that one of my documentaries got picked up and we are getting funding for , and Im working on yet another crazy idea , I hope runs smoothly. I always get excited when my work is in something . Remember , Im from Los Angeles , no one is very kind here . I've learned that its a good thing these people look down on me like Im a joke or what I get into isn't really real.It truly keeps me humble . So this magazine below Im very proud to be in.I am a featured photographer and thats something to me! When I look at the front cover and see what names my name is listed by , I am honored! These are not bad photographers at all! In fact , they are the greatest in the Pin up world! So I am so honored to be named as a featured artists by other amazing artists.

     If I can give any advice to those who feel intimidated by getting their work out there.
     It would be this ; you really have to have your mindset be , that you don't care what anyone thinks or says , thats just their opinion , their judgement. People are always gonna give you whats on their mind . You kinda have to have the ," I don't care what you say " ,attitude . Everyone will try to put doubt in your mind , make you question yourself .
      There are older women that I know , who studied in some of the top art schools here in Cali , they even have degrees in Photography . I think I piss off these people the most . These women , would constantly tell me , you have to take classes if you want to be taken seriously .This always put me in a mindset of , " oh well , I guess I won't do photography , I don't have the time or money to go to school". I learned by figuring out stuff myself.I watched my daughter on photoshop all the time and Youtube as you well know can be your best friend when you want to learn something ,theres always someone willing to show you .This is how I learned . I didn't need to become a professional , I just had to have the desire and passion to try , and look where I am now!Doing Pin Up photography and getting into fanzine magazines , I don't think Im doin' to badly LOL!

   I love what I do! No excuses not to try ,not to do it .People are always gonna try to tell you this person is better , or that they are better ,but what I find strange about the"Im better than you-ers", is that they talk alot of hot air and then when you ask them ," So what have you been doing with your photography" They bring out the thousand of reasons to why they haven't done anything , then give you a dirty look for asking and walk away.
Don't let people bring you down . I don't , I use to ,but I've grown to understand , just try and lets just see what happens yeah? What do you got to lose? I tried and now I have a make up artists , stylist , cinematographer and people who are kind enough to help me out. I am blessed and very greatful!

     Thanks as always for stopping by . I only want to let y'all know that no matter how cruel people get about your dreams , just keep goin' ignore those negative energies and you will fly!

P.S. Oh! You can buy this magazine here :

Classy Keen Magazine

                             Thanks for listening , I love you guys!

                                    MaryAnn K. :)

Friday, April 12, 2013

Its all going on ! Im on that train and lovin' it!

Greetings & Salutations !!! So much to speak about...
This be The MaryAnn K.
Theres so much goin' on I must tell....

     I am so excited to tell you so many things it's just so overwhelming . I decided since Im gonna be telling you so much awesome goodness , that I would have a glass of wine , so I am slightly tipsy while telling you whats been goin' on , with my journey . Well for starters , I did a military pin up shoots for a pin up magazine that I have been in before with the lovely Dominque Lopez , called Delicious Dolls Magazine .This was a special issue and I must say I am very proud to be a part of , because this issue will be going to the troops out overseas fighting for our freedom , so it is an absolute honor to be a part of this I must say ! 

Very honored to be in this issue , this to me is the true meaning of "Pin Up"

     I love what I do . Being that I have no schooling in film and photography , I just learned this all on my own , it is so exciting to know that when you set your mind on something you love and you do the work it takes for people to notice , it pays off. My mother , a lady with values very much like a pin up in the 50's , she thinks very much in the terms of , if you aren't gettin' paid , well then it isn't really real . I disagree! There are so many professional photographers and models in this magazine , so I don't agree with that idea of thinking . I feel so blessed that Rene Soliz of Delicious Dolls thinks my works worthy enough to be in this magazine , and thats golden to me!

Im sure you have met my model ,whose been a hit in the pin up world the lovely Miss. Alli Cat .

     I met Alli on facebook . She had saw some of my work and we started talkin' I then asked her if she would like to do a photoshoot with me cuz I thought she had ,"the look" she said , " Sure! Lets do it! " I was so excited ! So we started doing shoots for themes that were being asked by these magazines .Our work paid off , since we have got into about 3 to 4 and we are a great team . She understands it needs to be fun and most of all we need to trust one another . Finding a model to team up with is very difficult here in L.A. , I have noticed that no one really trusts anyone out here , they fear being taken advantage of , which can be a major problem .Alli and I are a great team and we love the challenge , so blessed and grateful to be working with her.

Meet my newest Model Miss. Ashley Ulery , my blonde bombshell !

I met Ashley at The Coachella Music festival about 3yrs ago .

     Ashley and I always have a blast hangin' out at the Coachella fest every year. I had always told her I wanted to work with her, but we just could never make it happen.When she saw what I was doin' I had told her I would love to do a shoot with her in pin up , and she said she'd love to . This was our first shoot . I must say it was a great one and she got into the same issue as Alli , so this was bitter sweet both models in the military issue . Who can say Im not trying ? Who can say Im not doin' it ? I think the proof is in the magazine and photos peoplez don't ya think?

In conclusion to this amazing time in my life

     I will say Im having the time of my life ! I have a direction of where Im goin' with my documentary pieces . To keep me motivated and hold my head up high with my high self-esteem I have now , life is beautiful , Im living my dreams , making them happen , I have the support of my soulmate Dave that I am so thankful to have on this journey of life , and I have my daughter who sees that it is possible to get noticed for your work , being she is talented in the same field film/photography but was so discouraged by everyone around her . I have given her hope to get back and do what she loves. I have a wonderful granddaughter Zan who tells me everytime she sees me , how much she loves me. All I have to say is , its all up hill from here! I am blessed , I am thankful , I am happy and feel my life is fullfilled.

     Don't stop believen' , dreamin' , you will make it happen with hard work , I know cuz I have done it. The proof is right here in front of you and if I can do it , guess what? 


     Thanks for listening as always , it really means alot . Til next time


                        MaryAnn K. :)  XOXO!!!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Greetings & Salutations have not blogged in a very long while...

My daughter Krystal Rose and I  

Everything , I do , they do , has an effect on it all...

     These last couple of months of trying to create a concept , then develope it , has been a test on my mind and my spirit . I've tried collaborating with the artistic people I know and it has sometimes back fired on me , other times it all works out , but boy! I tell ya ! Sometimes it just makes me want to give up! I will be honest . I often think, " What the hell am I doin?", " Im such a fucking joke ! "But! the strong bitch in me says," Fuck that! You gonna let these assholes get you down like that?" Then I say,"Hell no!" I come back and try again . The reason I do any of this , is because 


     The photo above is of my daughter Krystal Rose and I . My daughter is such a talented gal . She has always been and nothing ever stopped her from doing what she loved to do . Yes , I do say loved because , in the last three years I have to say she has lost herself . For her to complete anything these days is a very difficult task for her . She trys but just doesn't complete her work anymore . As artists we have to make time for our art . No one is going to do it for you . I always push through what I need to do , and if sacraficing sleep is the way I have to do it to meet deadlines then that is what I do. Many artists will never complete things because of lack of sacrafice . I bring my daughter on to many of my projects hoping that she would get motivated , but only your own soul can motivate you , no one can do that for you . My daughter is young , she had a family very young , she was a teen , and therefore never got to grow up . Had she lived with me ,she would have learned to make time for her dream , but chose to live with her boyfriend and his family , which everything was given to them therefore made her lazy to her craft and more about having a good time making up being young.

After all that I move forward alone in my projects and my projects Just MINE!

     After trying to help my daughter and always putting myself on the backburner in hopes that the ones I love would get it , then always turn on me ,take from me , and things go wrong , I finally decided I have to focus on JUST ME! Since; I have taken so many awesome pictures of a model I teamed up with named Alli . Alli is a gal from Medesto , Ca. Shes a determined art major going to OTIS art school . Im so glad I met her . She is very professional and humble , we have a blast working together , and you see this in our photos .
The beautiful Miss AlliCat of Hollywood!

     I love what I do! I soooo enjoy when Im having one on one time with my muze and she collaborates with me , trusts me and we get alot done . Im very fortunate to be working with Miss. Alli . She knows how this business is and understands it , therefore giving this teamwork a chance . This is very difficult to find in this town called Los Angeles ; again! I will be honest! I love where Im from , and very proud of where I was born and raised , Im also proud to be an artists /photographer from Los Angeles , but! I also know that a high percentage of Los Angelinos have the biggest egos and those egos get in the way of making art . I can understand if you are already there , in major magazines getting paid , then ok , you have a bit of a right to snub me , I am an amature in the world of professionals . If I ask you to do a photoshoot with me ,its because A.) I think you have the look Im looking for B.) I am asking to do photos for you for FREE!!! ( some reason these gals seem to forget that ) and C.) Im putting them out there to submit to magazines which would give EXPOSURE!!!

     It is very difficult to find models out here in Los Angeles . I find that the ego's of these people are just a little too big . I laugh sometimes because I've got them telling me before ," Well if its a major magazine I will do the shoot with you " Well , if its a major magazine don't ya think the magazine would be assigning me a model that they felt was worthy of me taking photos of LOL! I mean for reals! Where do some of these chicks get off ? Im not trying to be mean but Geez really? or how about " This isn't very professional , your being a little too ambitious" NO! REALLY??!! Of course Im being ambitious , ambition is what makes an artists take a fucking chance! Oh and this isn't very professional? Of course its not professional you dumb ass! If it was professional you think I'd be using your ass? LOL! Again , just being honest .

    For us ARTISTS , things don't always come easy . We all take chances and try , thats all you got! I love doing what I do . I would love to get paid for what I love doing , but first and foremost ,Im an artists first! No money is gonna change that! If all you artists wanna collaborate with me awesome ! I love creating , thats what keeps me alive and Im an older woman ok people , Im in my 40's and nothing is gonna stop me from continueing to do what I love and enjoy and I will continue to take photos put them in zines all around the world , like I have ! and no one or anything will stop me! 


     Now that I got that off my chest I will continue my pin up photography , just found out I will be in another magazine with the lovely AlliCat of Hollywood , the first with Miss Alli and other magazines pending at the moment . Im also editting a couple of documentaries I've been working on one on East Jesus and another on my own life and how art changed it .

     Thank you all for reading my blog , Im very straight forward in your face on this blog of mine and want to make sure that others out there don't give up , because that is not necessary , don't give up cuz society and fellow artists are fucked up , keep trudging along , keep going , and work with those who understand what its about , and if they don't move on , theres plenty of people out there , the ones that snub you , there not the only ones k? :)

                               Again thanks for listening until next time,


                                                       MARYANN K.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Stuff I've been doing & whats coming ahead...

The Gals from the short film entitle Candy Girl.

My photography world is getting interesting...

     Greetings & Salutations my friends! I had just started this blog not to long
ago , & I guess I've really been busy making my craft to the next level . Im having so much fun , Im meeting very cool people who enjoy my photos and I've also met amazing photographers that inspire me along with all the people Im inspiring. If this is all I give & get back the most amazing feeling of joy, I am truly blessed & satisfied!
     The photos Im showing today are from a project I did with a team of amazing young talented girls. All in their early 20's , come together to bring the vision of the filmmaker of this project creative director & writter of this short by Krystal Rose , my daugther . : )   I document this story  behind the scenes to capture these photos along the way. What I love about what Im looking for with my third eye Iris my camera; is I like to capture the actor, the model , in their truest form , this just looks so natural , because it was natural.

Candy Girl : Madeline M. / Blonde Candy Girl : Madliene Sweeney

     I had no idea what I've been capturing when I first started with my "3rd eye Iris" . What I did know is that , if I saw something interesting, I was gonna catch it; and I think I found something in this photo , friendship.

     This one is a favorite . The make up and background really worked well together. I also had a beautiful model , Madeliene is such a sweet gal , and she loved workin with me .

           This is The Candy Girls with a street musician in Hollywood .

     Whats happening next with MaryAnn K. Photography ?

     Well , I have got alot of fun ideas , Im just running with my imagination ; so it's always exciting . Im now taking on the pin up world and just see if anything happens . I also love the fantasy whimsical stuff as well and the Goth scene is pretty cool to me too! So Im excited to be working with a bunch of beautiful models , inside and out . I know these women as artist , and various ladies I meet out in about , like at Pin Up parties , I will ask to be my models as well. So very excited to show you what else I can do. Im really enjoying this craft. I really love photography. : )

     Thanks for listening as always , it means alot , more to come of whats happening with MaryAnn K. Photography .

                            Peace & Love !

                          MaryAnn K.